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    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
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    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Digital Information Display Network for Airport Operation

Media 2000 Systems offers centralized manageable LCD display systems for Airport operations.  Our networked digital signage technology system can be your one stop information distribution solution not only for the main airport, but also for all the airports under one administration.

Arrival/Departure and Weather/News Displays

Airport flight information display systems that show arrival and departure times have been around for decades. In recent years, some enterprising airports, rail stations, and bus depots have upgraded these screens to show real-time information on trip delays, weather, news and sports coverage, stock market updates, and other information that passengers might want. These next-generation displays can reduce the workload for staff members (since fewer travelers are asking them for schedule updates), and also cut down on the perceived waiting time for passengers. In some cases, advertising time is sold to marketers who want to reach travelers. For example, a restaurant in New York might advertise in airports nationwide, but only at the gates that have flights heading to New York.

Digital signage Airport solution:

  • Way finding changeable signage (Baggage claim, terminals etc…)
  • Flight arrival and departure information
  • Emergency alert system
  • information and kiosk system
  • Ticket booth identifying system
  • Car rental information displays
  • Airport Advertising 
  • Security monitoring
  • hotel finder
  • Retail concession store identifier
  • Video wall systems
  • LCD poster boards
  • and more


  • Low cost compare to the existing fixed way finding signage
  • Changes to the display messages can be applied immediately
  • Emergency alerts can be displayed immediately
  • Comes with wired and wireless networked solution
  • Faster and cost efficient than static signage and installations
  • Digital changeable posters can be eye catching and cost effective
  • Animated sign messages are more visible than the static signs
  • Scalable with manageable from a single location
  • Advertisement revenue can be increased  with LCD screens than light boxes displays

It's not just about moving passengers from point A to point B. 

Effective digital signage is about getting your customers the information they need when they need it, and enhancing the experience along the way.

A digital signage system in an airport is an engaging, dynamic system that increases customer satisfaction by conveying the latest information in an ever-changing environment. It can help improve operational performance and contribute to a safer security environment within the airport. As a leader in digital signage solutions, M2K Visual Systems knows exactly how to help customers achieve the best possible results.

M2K’s flexible and scalable displays are ideal for display of flight information (FIDS), gate back information (GIDS) and other dynamic messaging throughout an airport facility. The displays can be configured for a variety of locations and environmental conditions. And, they are fully compatible with any back-end information distribution system.

We offer seamless ultra thin bezel video wall capable of displaying large format videos and airport messaging.  This provides high definition and vivid image with 1,000 nit resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio,  realized through advanced technology-4 side DZF (Dead Zone Free), gives excellence in continuity of displays with less than 5mm seam when consisting large displays

Advertisement and marketing  is the main source of income for all the airport operations.  M2K system can network your video walls displays and manage the contents from a centralized locations.  Our state of the art web based content management software can help you manage all your digital media airport messaging, advertising and marketing. Please contact us for more information.


With M2K digital signage displays, more information can be displayed quickly, frequently and effectively anywhere in the airport. From the moment passengers enter the airport, they can find all the information needed to make their trip a more pleasant experience - and minimize surprises. Clarity's variety of large screen digital displays can be located behind check-in counters, at boarding gates and baggage centers, and on concourses.

Portable Wi-Fi display solution

Airport is place where instant messages are needed on a daily basis.  M2K portable wireless poster technology allows you the portability to move the LCD cart anywhere in the Airport and help the travelers informed with updated information.  This stands can handle LCD’s displays up to 60” size total height is 72” from the floor.  The screen can handle up to 8 different zones of information.  This portable LCD stand, comes with floor stand, LCD display and wireless media player and content management software. Our content management software can manage up to 2000 portable and fixed displays with a touch of a button.  Please contact for more information.   We also have portable LCD stands available in Solar powered with battery for any emergency power outage


Digital signage solutions incorporate LCD or Modular plasma displays technologies to create the ideal visual platform for dynamic Flight or Gate information display system. The large screen size and efficient form factors permit the display of more information in less space. Multiple screens can be placed together and dynamic messages can be displayed across multiple screens. Larger screens allow passengers to see flight information from greater distances, helping improve customer service and the traffic flow within the facility. 

M2K offers revenue generating opportunity on every display in the Airport area.  Advertisement network can utilize the flight arrival, departure and baggage claim screen location as the prime spot for advertisement because of the high visibility.  


Airports all over the world spend millions of dollars on printed posters and signage  inside and outside of the Airport Terminals.  Digital poster board technology reduces the cost associated with the production and distribution of static posters and it displays High Definition stunning graphics to attract the attention of the customers. We’ve seen a million static posters were ever we go, If you do walk into a movie theater and you see butter being dripped onto popcorn, it definitely has a strong visual impact, motion graphics definitely attract the attention.

M2K digital signage solutions are also ideal for advertising along public concourses, as well as for commercial businesses operating within the airport facility, including retail shops, food courts and media companies with rights to sell advertising. By replacing static and backlit light boxes with a network of high-impact digital signage LCD displays, businesses can increase by launching promotions at specific times of day and decrease printed sign costs. The best of all,  the displays can be managed form one central location.


Airport is always a secured area, restricted access to the passengers and employees only.  Airport needs to have business and advertisement facilities to generate revenue.  M2K Digital signage solution offer concession display solution for the tenants to get signage form the Airport authority and pay a minimal fee for maintaining the Airport concession store identifier can be a leased option for the tenant to display their animated business logo and graphics to capture the attention of the passengers and inform them about the store promotions and discounts.  This is not a replacement of their storefront fixed signage, this is an add on service to promote their in-store products and services and minimise the outside sign installers and repair traffic in the secured terminal area.  We also have digital menu Board solution for quick service restaurants to display their menus and daily specials


Security measures in airport operations are critical these days.  Emergency alerts, notifications and information are a marathon process for the airport security to handle within a short period of time.  M2K Digital signage solution can connect all the security operations in different location at the same level, all the information display will have the same contents and it's easy to change it form one location.


M2K offers cell phone text messaging system in case of any emergency situation.  We can also use our digital signage screens to display Emergency alert messages.  Cell phone text emergency notifications are much safer than two way radio operation because radio frequency can be monitored by other people.  System is also capable of sending group text message to all the employees and selected departments.  Please contact us for more information. 

Airport Information KIOSK

Traditional information display KIOSKS at the baggage claim area for car rental, Hotel finder and other Airport information, all ways challenged with space limitation to accommodate enough information for the new travelers to find the right information.   The cost to maintain the printed information KIOSK, and the waiting time for the updates and changes are very costly and time consuming.  M2K offer a complete turnkey solution with dual or triple screen KIOSK to overcome the space limitation by accommodating more advertisers and quick and easy way to update the information KIOSK remotely with the touch of a button.  With the help of the touch screen KIOSKS travelers can find the right information and attractions within the city and outside of the city limit.  Our technology brings unlimited possibility to the travel and transportation industry to increase the revenue and keep the Airport operating costs to zero.  Triple screen KIOSK will increase the profit margin by providing a dedicated large format advertisement screen in addition to the City Guide revenue.


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