• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
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Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Digital signage solution for Banks and Credit unions


Ultrathin Bezel 46" commercial grade LCD video wall ( Digital Banners)

Digital display is a powerful new platform for merchandising the bank’s products and services and dazzle your lobby customers.  In addition to the reduction of print production and other marketing costs, The bank benefits from digital displays through the improved and heightened ability to communicate with the customer.

Print posters are at a distinct disadvantage when compared with the new technology. They don’t emit light, so they can be difficult to see in the evening. Their colors are lifeless.  In today’s world of light-speed banking, print marketing is becoming less and less relevant. Information such as interest rates can change on a daily, if not hourly, basis, meaning that print marketing materials can be obsolete before they are shipped to the branch. And print marketing simply doesn’t do an effective job of conveying the value proposition of many of the products offered by financial institutions today. Someone having to spend time putting up a new poster on the wall for a new product announcement, it can all be done digitally and be easily updated across multiple locations at the touch of a button.   Best of all, the digital posters dramatically reduces the cost associated with the manufacture and distribution of static posters. Obviously, there are up-front costs. But once you’re tied in, there’s no more printing of large-format graphics.

Financial institutions find themselves under increasing pressure to connect with customers quickly and effectively. The immediacy stems from changing financial habits that have resulted in customers having fewer and fewer reasons to visit a branch. Paychecks are now handled via direct deposit, ATMs take care of most cash withdrawal functions and loan applications can be submitted through an online banking portal.  These days, a bank may have only a few moments to capture a customer’s attention and convey its message, making it more important than ever to provide the best customer experience possible. In an ever-increasing number of instances, that customer experience is being provided with the help of digital signage.

As it has done with retail, digital signage is allowing financial institutions to hone the in-store experience with a level of precision and visual appeal that has never before been possible. It is an evolution that is in process and one that will result in the total reinvention of the bank branch.


  • Dynamically update mortgage and loan rates
  • Promote new products and services in the waiting area or lobby.
  • Entertain your customers and reduce their perceived wait-times
  • Increase business opportunities with better customer experience.
  • Reduce in-house marketing costs and increase in sales
  • Instantly change message across all branches and customized message for each locations
  • Strengthened brand loyalty

Major benefit of the system is the greater control.  It gave over use of the bank’s brand in promotions, in other words, making sure that every branch followed marketing directives in a timely fashion and maintain brand consistency across all branches.  With digital signage networks, content can be controlled from a central location and

distributed in unlimited ways. For example, banks with networks powered by content management software can distribute the same content to all of their digital screens throughout the network or target content branch by branch, even screen by screen. All content can be changed in minutes to reflect new rates, new promotions and new corporate priorities.

Digital signs are becoming commonplace in banks and credit unions across America, delivering fresh and compelling messages to customers in the teller line and waiting areas to cut down their waiting time and educate the customers about your new and existing financial programs . In some cases, these messages are delivered alongside live TV and news feeds, ensuring that the content remains interesting and up-to-date.  This venue can give your consumers the ability to find out about other investments and services that your bank may offer.  What better time to advertise your products and services when your customers are standing in line waiting on a bank teller.

Instead of a cardboard counter sign touting the bank’s Christmas Club account, a digital display shows a video of smiling children opening presents on Christmas morning. Instead of a brochure touting the bank’s credit card, a digital sign shows a family traveling around the country. And instead of a banner advertising low mortgage rates, a digital sign shows a young couple moving into their first home.

Our bank dynamic display solution can manage single or multiple branches form a centralized web based content management (CMS).  Our new window based digital poster board technology can display changing images and motion graphics on your bank windows announcing your important marketing information to the outside world.


Ultrathin bezel LCD connected screens (Digital Banners)

Every business searches for a competitive advantage. As the financial environment changes and evolves, institutions have diversified their offerings to continue to entice long-time customers and to attract new ones. In addition, they have modified their physical locations, clearing out static displays and anchoring flat screens throughout the facilities with eye catching motion graphics.

No more large format posters or printed materials, dual screen networked indoor poster board solution can update single or multiple locations instantly through web based content management solution.   This is the most effective way to market potential customers already inside the bank lobby, because, motion graphic attract attention!


Ultrathin bezel 1x4 portrait mount networked video wall

2x2 video wall

3x4 lobby video wall

Digital signage broadens the scope of a financial institution’s ability to communicate to customers, providing unlimited space. Digital capabilities don’t necessarily make selling easier, but they do give financial institutions an edge over traditional methods.

Bank Lobby or Teller line marketing display with live news


Lobby single screen marketing display at the teller line or behind the teller line can ease the waiting time and educate the customers about the financial offering while waiting in the line.  

This single screen can slice up to 16 zones and display 16 different contents at the same time including live video, TV channel, flash animations, PowerPoint presentation and other image formats.  Great tool to display custom tailored daily messages to the waiting customers at the teller line while watching news and other financial information. You can also run news RSS or custom text scrolling messages at the bottom of the screen.  This screen can be place at the drive thru window for the waiting customers at drive thru lanes. Outdoor drive screens require enclosed LCD screen case to protect from dust, moisture and vandalism.

Bank Drive Thru LCD Posters

In-house marketing and promotional messages can be deployed virtually anywhere a financial decision might be made. Places where a customer travels when in the bank, such as the ATM, the forms counter, the foyer and the teller line all are candidates for digital signage placement. Each is an area where additional financial information that is potentially useful to the customer could be imparted.

Drive-thru: The drive-thru often is the most overlooked part of the digital signage equation in a branch. Yet the statistics prove that it should be one of the most carefully planned and executed. Between 40 and 60 percent of customers use the drive-thru on a regular basis. That’s a stag­gering number, when the importance of the cross-sell is considered.

High Bright Window LCD poster

High bright (1500 Nits) portrait or Landscape mount LCD window posters   (See YouTube video)

The high brightness and contrast window mount LCD screen provide extreme clarity and visibility of image display, even in window facing settings with high ambient light. The standard built-in brightness sensor automatically adjusts backlight brightness to accurately complement surrounding light levels, and save on energy output. This high bright 46” LCD screen is extremely energy efficient, allowing for cost savings, as well as a full array LED backlight that simultaneously prevents light leakage. 

Our sunlight readable window mount digital posters can increase visibility in any lighting conditions and these time tested 46” high bright LCD displays are 24/7 certified, and is supported with a 3-year on-site limited warranty.  The display can be installed in landscape or portrait mode. 

Free Standing single or double sided KIOSK

Eye level marketing with free standing LCD poster

There are many ways in which digital signage can be successfully used in a financial institution setting and it is the powerful way communicate to the employees and visitors across your bank network.  Our free standing single screen or double sided touch screen poster\KIOSK designed to increase visibility and productivity.  This solution can be an eye level marketing to the customers! Traditional static posters can be missed by the human eyes, eye catching presentation on these KIOSK is hard to miss and it is portable to move around where you needed.  Interactive solution can reduce the employee time for loan and other application process.

  • Eye level marketing and promotion to the customers.
  • Interactive solution for application process
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Portable, casters are available as an option

Podium Style touchscreen KIOSK for LOBBY

Digital media provides more than just a more welcoming, pleasant atmosphere. It also can enhance sales and educate customers about the bank offerings.  Over the past few years, many banks and other financial institutions have deployed touch screen kiosks in their lobbies and branches. Touch Screen kiosks in banking and finance environment can handle some of the customers' transaction needs, and provide customers with information about bank products & services, especially e-banking options.

  • Promote a bank's website 
  • Provide demonstrations of electronic banking
  • Answer frequently-asked customer questions
  • Highlight banking products, services, interest & loan rates, etc.
  • Offer self-service facility for selected operations
  • Capitalize on existing systems & increase effective technology deployment

Digital signage, in just a few short years, has proven to be a revolutionary technology for many industries, connecting businesses with consumers like never before. Financial institutions are banking on dynamic flat screen visuals to have a similar positive impact.  Opportunities abound for everything from tiny credit unions to major banking chains.


Now you can transform any window or glass partition into a digital display screen simply by applying Rear Projection Film and a Projector. Ideal for dynamic advertising and promotional messaging, your digital window display will become the centre of attraction in any high street or shopping mall.  With changeable messages and content that can be remotely controlled using M2K Digital Signage software, displays can be projected in practically any shape or size.  Lightweight rigid Rear Projection Screens are also available for free-standing or suspended installations.

More affordable than bigger sized LCD monitors and available in any sizes depends up on your windows.

Digital Displays and screen technology has allowed financial institutions to promote products and services to the walk-in customers.  Networked displays and window projectors can display same information in all branches and content changes can be done instantly from one location.

Rear projection window display

Why digital signage for Banks

Networks of digital signs are becoming commonplace in banks and credit unions across America. Smaller credit unions with limited budgets are implementing LCD panels and multi-screen video wall solution to present and promote bank offering to the walk-in customers.  The flexibility of bank digital signage network can easily change the content and keep it fresh. There are tremendous marketing opportunities for digital signage behind the teller line and in any waiting area of the bank or credit union. Digital merchandising communicates in more efficient and compelling ways than traditional merchandising.

Customers who are educated and entertained by digital signage are better informed, more receptive and more easily motivated to purchase.  Most case studies about digital signage report that customers like the screens.  Giving customers a new positive experience changes their attitudes.  Using digital signage helps retain customer loyalty by making an emotional connection, intensifying the personal relationship with the customer and pushing sales activities.  Digital signage has the power to create an emotional connection. Driving that experience means driving an uplift in sales, which in turn supports ROI.

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Increased sales of financial products
  • Increased deposits
  • Display and acknowledge bank sponsored community events
  • In-house marketing and brand awareness
  • Digital signage bank network can reduce the print production cost
  • Reduced staffing needs
  • Lower training costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Strengthened brand loyalty

Customers who are educated and enter­tained by digital signage are better in­formed, more receptive and more easily motivated to purchase.  Most case studies about digital signage report that customers like the screens. Giving customers a new positive experi­ence changes their attitudes.  Using digital signage helps retain customer loyalty by making an emotional connection, intensifying the personal relationship with the customer and pushing sales activities. Digital signage has the power to create an emotional connection. Driving that ex­perience means driving an uplift in sales, which in turn supports ROI.


Portrait mount single screen poster display

portrait mount dual screen posters

The cross-sell is at the core of a financial institution’s success story. There is substantial research that shows the more products a person pur­chases from a financial institution, the less likely it is that person will leave for another bank. This is a critical issue, because the ability for a bank or credit union to effec­tively execute the cross-sell often falls on the tellers. Yet the tellers are usually under­paid, understaffed and have not received an adequate amount of training.

Experience: Banking is a commoditized industry which has very few differentia­tors outside of the brand experience. That experience starts when the customer walks through the door and hopefully carries for­ward with that person even after they leave the branch. It involves interaction with the employees of the bank, traditional adver­tising outlets, the Internet and the interior and exterior of the branch. Digital signage offers the opportunity to enhance the brand experience that customers receive each time they enter the branch.

LCD poster technology offers unlimited possibilities to present and promote with High Definition stills and motion graphics to make an educated buying decision.  In-store marketing with LCD digital signage technology is a proven method of increased sales.   We can help you to design a classy looking LCD poster display network unique to your operation, which can promote your corporate image among other competitions.