• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Model DMB-463P

1x3 portrait mount 46" three screen drive thru menu boads

Model DMB-462P

1x2 portrait mount 46" three screen drive thru menu boads

There are a handful of benefits to implementing a digital menu board system at the drive-thru, including compelling video/image messaging opportunities, flexibility for menu changes and facility modernization.

"Sixty percent of revenues are made through drive-thru sales. Digital allows you to maximize that opportunity through targeted marketing messages, to change the message rapidly and get more out to your customer.

M2KSYS offers the state of the art outdoor digital menu boards from single panel,  weatherproofed LCD screen up to 4 panel LCD drive thru digital menu boards for drive thru operation.  We can provide a full turn key solution with speaker stands, order conformation display and wireless head sets. 

LCD drive thru menu board solution is the most affordable and profitable way to manage single or multiple location’s drive thru operation.  QSR drive thru survey says, greater than 40% of the revenues coming in through their Drive-Thru lanes!  The Drive-Thru lane is becoming as important as the inside dining room. This solution will save you time and money by eliminating print production and boost your sales from 10 to 20%. Run your promotions and price changes instantly across single or multiple locations from your Main office.  Good bye to all the static formats, use motion graphic menu/poster displays to market and increase your profit margin.  This is not an expense, it is an investment!


  • Automated menu changes from Breakfast to lunch and dinner
  • Centralized content management
  • Sunlight readable LCD screens (1500 Nits)
  • Powerful way to present and promote drive thru menus
  • single solution for indoor and outdoor menu operation


Single screen outdoor poster

Weatherproof LCD system


Free standing outdoor poster for drive thru


High Brightness Panel              


46” and  55" LCD screens

Aspect Ratio



1920*1080 Full HD


1500 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle 

178° Horizontal / 178°Vertical tical

Working Parameter                   

Video Interface


Audio interface


Brightness Control

automatic optical sensor systems

Working Temperature

-40°C to +55°C 

Working Humidity

5% to 100%

Power Source

AC 108-115V,/AC 208-240 V Hz

Maximum Power

1.5 Kw

Waterproof Enclosure                 

Protection Grade


Overall size (W*H*D) 55”

Overall size (W*H*D) 46”

2100mm (83”)x848mm (29.1”)x255mm (10”)

1980mm (78”)x740mm(29.1”)x255mm (10”)


162kg  for 55” and 128kg for 46”

Installation Type

Floor Standing


6mm laminated with anti-reflective safety glass

Temperature control system

Integrated heater and air conditioner

Features Highlight

1.Sunlight readable , LCD display won't trun black under direct sunlight . 

2.Outdoor Protection Degree IP65 , waterproof , dust proof 

3.Outdoor LCD special tempering glass , anti-vandal , Anti-glare 

4.LCD brightness up to 1500-3000cd/?