• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Dynamic digital display screens quickly are becoming a fixture in health care operation, performing functions ranging from pointing the way to educating both visitors and patients on medical procedures.  From the moment patients and visitors enter a health care facility, they expect to be informed and guided through the often-hectic health care environments.  Wayfinding tools can both greet patients and visitors and can help them easily navigate through a medical building or hospital complex.  M2KSYS offers intelligent way to communicate up-to-the-minute messaging to keep people informed and capture people’s attention through something other than static posters.  These display also can play a role in health care facility’s safety, health warnings and security.

Hallways, reception, dining areas, lobbies and waiting rooms are the most important areas to increase visibility… 

Static posters was the only option for healthcare centers to communicate with the inside crowd, few years ago.  Healthcare industry is struggling to find ways to address most important health related information within the medical facility to educate visitors, staff and patients on a daily basis.  M2KSYS digital signage solution offers various full turn-key solution to healthcare industry from hardware\software to content design and management.   Dynamic communication inside the hospitals and all the connected medical facilities in real-time, is very important because medicine and medical technologies are changing so fast and decease control is overburden inside and outside the healthcare facilities.  Health safety and security should be always addressed and educated to the staff, visitors and patients, all the time.  From the marketing stand point; this is an excellent opportunity to cross market affiliated clinics and educate hospital’s in-house treatment centers, classes, sponsorship programs, community involvements and partnership programs which can bring more people for outpatient treatment and increase visibility.  M2KSYS custom tailored a digital signage solution which can accommodate various healthcare dynamic communication needs and we offer: Digital wall posters, video wall, waiting room TV or Clinic TV, Wayfinding information KIOSKs, Free standing digital poster, ER self-service KIOSK for patients to pre enter their information to speed up the check-in process. 

M2K digital signs are an effective way for medical providers to communicate with and educate patients while reducing clerical staff interruptions. Health providers can tailor their digital sign messaging specifically to their practices. Since patients and their families generally spend time in the waiting room, they are a receptive audience to passively receive basic information without having to read brochures or other printed health information.


Reception area 2x3 video wall

The video wall has to attract the attention of passing crowd and encourage donations, profile key donors, educate the public about the capital campaign and keep everyone up to date on the progress of the new hospital construction and in-house marketing contents. This large format display can capture the attention of every eye inside the health care facility and the system could educate and entertain hospital visitors and staff in keeping with the campaign’s.

M2KSYS solutions can streamline even the most complex multi-step medical processes. Patients would be kept informed and relaxed every step of the way, while medical staff focuses on professional tasks rather than keeping order in the waiting room. Optional self-service kiosks could automate and speed up patient registration, freeing administrative staff to assist doctors and handle payments and other follow-up procedures.

Our solution can be customize to for many types of health care services and facilities, including: Primary care, Secondary care and specialists, Triage, Radiology and laboratory services, Patient administration and the Entire hospital / clinic patient-flow or queue management solution.

The M2K Digital signage implementation includes LCD screens displaying content for reception area, patient and visitor communication, announcements and acknowledgement of staff and volunteer contributions. The web based content management solution can connect other remote facilities with custom messages.

Healthcare organizations face the competing demands of delivering high-quality care and reducing labor costs. You can address both with one investment in the M2K Digital Signage System.

Our Healthcare Digital Signage can be used for:

Every business searches for a competitive advantage. As the healthcare environment changes and evolves, institutions have diversified their offerings to continue to entice long-time patients and to attract new ones. In addition, they have modified their physical locations, clearing out static displays and anchoring flat screens throughout the facilities with eye catching motion graphics.


Eye level Communication

M2KSYS Hospital grade free standing KIOSK designed for eyelevel communication and interactive information finder.   Technology insights enable us to design, develop and deliver unique innovative engagement across healthcare industry. Our mission is to revamp static ad posters into lively, motion graphic eye catching digital contents which can communicate easily with the busy minds.


LCD screen: Size 55” diagonally, commercial grade display, 400 Nits brightness with backlit technology. Clear visibility in bright lighting conditions

Image size:  49.3” height x 28.5” wide, HD quality graphics and animations

Eye level marketing.  Total height 78” x width 33.8”, free standing at the prime locations inside the mall

25,000 to 30,000 foot prints per day and average time per person inside the shopping mall is 2 to 4 hours.  All advertisements    will be viewed by each foot prints inside the mall.

Instant placement across single or multiple locations, no more printing and installations

Custom fabricated professional grade design to meet shopping mall standards.

Digital displays are dynamic and flexible in handling a multitude of functions.  They also save precious time and money versus traditional printing and installation.  M2KSYS display solutions are customized to all sizes and budgets to drive optimal ROI for your unique operation.

Waiting Room TV

Private TV Networks in Patient Rooms: Provide patients with an additional programming choice in their rooms, using a centralized media player that connects to existing TVs across your facility. This approach is similar to a waiting area display, but the programming loop is optimized for longer content. Since you maintain control of the programming, you can use the screen time for showing patient success stories, inspirational messages, partner advertising, or other content of your choice.

Wayfinding KIOSKS

Touch screen indoor free standing KIOSK

Touch screen outdoor weatherproofed KIOSK for building directories and maps

Podium style indoor touch screen wayfinding KIOSK

Touchscreen Directories and Wayfinding Systems: Bigger hospital with many other clinics can be located in one campus in different buildings or indifferent blocks within the area.  Navigating such massive complexes can pose a challenge even for people who work in those facilities every day, not to mention first-time patients and other visitors who may have more pressing issues on their minds.  M2KSYS offers indoor and outdoor touch screen wayfinding KIOSKs can both greet patients and visitors and can help them easily navigate through a medical building or hospital complex.

Alphabetical touchscreens will make it easier for patients, visitors and staff to locate the right offices or services, while making it easy to keep that signage updated and attractive.

ER Patient Registration and Check-In Kiosks: Let patients use self-service kiosks to fill out new patient profiles, update their insurance and contact info, and schedule future appointments with health care providers. These touchscreen medical kiosks make life easier on your staff, while reducing wait times for patients. Hospital kiosks can also integrate with larger self-service initiatives and patient registration systems, such as those that provide web-based appointment requests and insurance claims.

Staff Training: By placing digital signs in break rooms and other common areas across your health system, you can help staff members learn about new office policies, updated safety procedures, new treatments being offered, and more. In cases where you need to make sure that each employee views the content, interactive kiosks provide self-directed viewing and automated skills testing. Compliance reports are then submitted electronically to your database.

Digital Poster Board Solution

Print posters are at a distinct disadvantage when compared with the new technology. They don’t emit light, so they can be difficult to see in the evening. Their colors are lifeless. They’re static, so there’s no motion, and worst of all, they can become irrelevant at a moment’s notice.  Best of all, the digital posters dramatically reduce the cost associated with the manufacture and distribution of static posters. Obviously, there are up-front costs. But once you’re tied in, there’s no more printing of large-format graphics. The digital signage technology allows to replace these lifeless static posters with eye catching dynamic contents and revolutionize the healthcare industry as a whole.

The introduction of bigger size LCD monitors as a replacement for print posters is only the beginning of what digital signage is all about. As a communications medium signage is evolving and this is more a transition from analog (print) where previously a sign did only one thing (make an announcement) to digital where a sign now does many things in succession as dictated by its customer requirements. Properly used, a digital sign is interactive and allows sign content to change on a continuing basis, its content can be transmitted electronically and functions in real-time when needed. It also provides full motion video or graphic animations.

Digital Menu boards for Cafeteria Operation

With the help of our technology the food service department can manage their daily menu changes to a single or multiple locations cafeterias and concessions with a touch of a button.  Digital Menu Board system is a new revolution in the fast food market to automate the menu changes from a centralized location.  Traditional menu boards and poster boards are time consuming and costly to maintain, LCD menu board technology offers unlimited possibilities to present and promote your menu items to the customers.  LCD menu board solution  is a proven method of increased sales.