• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
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Today, retail and other venues are faced with the challenges of attracting more visitors and exploring new revenue streams. In our fast-paced digital world, passive audiences are a thing of the past: people want to take part in the experience and participate actively. It’s especially important to engage visitors from the moment they walk through the door. A video wall makes an immediate and unforgettable impression that can entertain audiences with a rich and rewarding experience, or educate and stimulate visitors.

Large format Printed flex banners and posters are replaced with high resolution video wall solutions and it is becoming commonplace everywhere consumers travel these days, from shopping centers to airports to sports stadiums. They are being used for everything from advertising and brand promotion to transportation information to menu boards. The combined used of the thin bezel commercial grade monitors create a large canvas of  video wall canvas enabling operators to display multimedia graphics in real-size or larger than life fashion.  In the past, the cost and complexity of a video wall made them an exotic, rarely used application. Today, advances in display technologies and decreasing hardware and software costs are enabling the deployment of video walls in more and more uses.

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4x2 zero bezel LCD video wall

In the fast-paced world of fashion, success for retailers hinges on being able to put the right item in the right style or size in the customer’s hand at the right time, a simple concept that is difficult to execute for a number of reasons. Fashion is a perishable commodity where trends change overnight, making it difficult to ultimately predict duration and demand. Ordering too much product translates into increased capital expenses that can erode a retailer’s bottom line, while ordering too little can lead to missed opportunities and lost sales.  M2K in-store marketing solution can display motion graphics or still images of the latest fashion trends and make an impact on the buying decision.   Time is everything in this fast paced industry to roll your inventory store wide. M2K in-store marketing solution offers zero operating cost and powerful way to increase sales and eliminate print production completely.

M2K 8 screen Video Wall solution

Commercial grade LED-backlit displays are offering the opportunity for seamless bezel, sleeker walls with  increased energy efficiency, lighter weight and better color uniformity.  We can customize yoru display experience any way you want and manage the contents from a centralize location including installation and onsite configuration.


M2KSYS video wall can support 2 to 16 digital messaging screens of any size in any matrix, arranged in the configuration that best utilizes your space. Place one stunning image on a video wall can dramatically change the mood and atmosphere of the corporate lobby or retail store location.  Our state of the art networked video wall solution can customize and create targeted digital messaging content and distribute it to one or many locations instantly.  


M2K 6 screen video wall solution

The indoor video wall continues to gain momentum as we look for enhanced image quality, thin bezels and techniques for easier installations. Retail market are reaping the benefits of the networked video wall billboards and replace their large format printed posters with animated presentation to capture the eyes.  Networked chain stores can be more beneficial to update their storewide digital marketing contents, instantly across the network.


Networked LCD video wall poster banner with zero bezel LCD screens available in 46" and 55" sizes.

Wall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphicsWall mount dual screen poster with motion graphics

Custom networked video wall solution for chain stores



  • Drives up to 16 screens; Full HD content supported on each screen
  • Supports up to 7680 x 4320 Super Hi-Vision resolution, 16 times the pixel resolution of existing Full HD digital signage
  • Up to 16 different zones of content for each display wall
  • Content flexibility for image, fl ash and many multimedia file formats;
  • stretched across multiple screens or played on a single screen
  • Intuitive remote management with WebDT Content Manager software;manage up to 16 zones.

We offer custom video wall solution for your store specific store design and application.  Perfect solution for fashion market to present the marketing images in large format with multiple image slide show or motion graphic.   With the help of M2K digital signage solution, These zero bezel LCD screens connects multiple screens and display graphic as single large format eye catching image. 

Networked means, you can manage contents from a centralized location

Retail Video wall solution


Retail 2x2 Video wall with network content Management

2x2 video wall is the perfect cost effective solution for the chain stores to distribute large format marketing contents or animations across their network.  M2KSYS offer the most affordable and reliable digital signage solution that you can manage single screen LCD poster boards to multi screen video wall solution across the network, world wide.  Our all in one digital signage network can take your business into the next level of paper less operation.   Video Wall or large screen format is the most powerful way to market and promote your store offerings and we are the right technology partners you need to change your business outlook!


4x3 video wall


4x4 Video Wall


Infinitably Expandable (less than 4mm seam)

Unique technology-DZF(Dead Zone Free),MPDP delivers excellent continuity of displays with less than 4mm seam.

Less space-consuming and easier to handle than conventional cube display solutions.