• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
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Lobby Poster Board Solution

How to increase sales and speed up the dine-in process is always  a challenge to the restaurant management.  M2KSYS can change your business outlook with our dynamic messaging displays  to increase your sales and profit margin.   Busy restaurants face with long waiting time for customers to find a suitable table inside  and  the waiting is always a boring thing.   Long wait time can result in losing customers and business in the long run.  Our lobby poster board displays and touch screen menu KIOSKS or Wi-Fi portable menu stands can shorten the wait time and educate the customer with your daily promotions and specials while waiting for a table.

Digital signage is one of the fastest-growing retail applications and is finding its way into many customer-related industries. For the fast-food industry, digital menu boards has impacted two separate yet very similar facets: digital menu boards and dining-area digital poster boards. Both contribute to the sales and promotion of new and existing menu items and are designed to drive traffic, sell promotional items and boost customer satisfaction.


Nowadays technology is making a way into in every sphere of life. Latest technology brings convenience; saves cost and contribute to revenue for users. eMenu is latest innovation changing the way customers dine. eMenu has successfully proven itself and more and more venues prefer it to cater to their patrons. In today’s fast paced life guests yearn for privacy, leisure and convenience while dinning.

Guest arrives at restaurant or food joint not just to savoir food but relish the moments, interact with each other and entertain them. eMenu precisely offers patrons fun and entertainment they desire while enjoying their favorite dishes. With its user friendly interface and entertainment rich features eMenu brings added quality, value and excitement to the dining experience for patrons.

M2K offers state of the art eMenu solution with PC, Linux and android platform.  The next generation dine in restaurants replacing their printed menu folders with thin tablet PC's.  Handing a tablet PC to a group sitting around the table can go through the complete menu and select the items from the list and with the touch of a button the order can place instantly.  No need to wait for the busy servers, this solution will speed up the process and the same device can also used for playing games, accessing internet and other restaurant related information.

eMenu Hotel Room Service

eMenu offers exclusive advantage to patrons in hotel. With eMenu guests can order food from the comfort of room at their convenience. This unique feature gives added value to hotel and helps in being preferred destination among patrons. eMenu saves time for guest and helps hotels to avoid clutter at peak dinning hours. eMenu being always on and visible there is high probability that gust will frequently ask for his favorite dishes thus increasing sales and revenue.

Allow your guests to access details of favorite destinations, connectivity, tourist maps & much more with a single touch. Surprise them by pushing flight schedule in real-time & bring up your tech savvy image

Bar Menu Boards

Bar  digital menu boards  can assist in up selling alcoholic beverages and fine dessert.  Multi screen digital in-house marketing displays can be your billboards to promote your menu items and specialty drinks.  Motion graphic attracts attention, you can educate the customers to make up their menu choices before they seated

Change your Bar outlook with digital Menu Bard MarketingBar Digital Menu boards for cocktails and alcoholic beveragesPowerful way to market and increase sales!Bar Marketing Displays

Advantages of Restaurant in-house marketing

  1. A digital restaurant poster boards network can be controlled from one central location. This means that employees no longer have to manually change menu posters for day parts and a network of multiple locations can be controlled by one person.

  1. With many digital poster  boards on one network, price updates, menu item changes and promotional content can be changed instantaneously with one mouse click.

  1. Since digital poster boards run dynamic content, they offer infinite possibilities to add or subtract menu items without having to alter a backlit menu board. They also allow day parting of menus so restaurants can easily customize their menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bar Marketing DisplaysPowerful way to market and increase sales!Bar Digital Menu boards for cocktails and alcoholic beveragesDigital billboard for Bar MarketingChange your Bar outlook with digital Menu Bard Marketing

Digital menu boards target audiences in an incredibly specific way. The customers are already in the restaurant and have already decided that they are going to buy food there. Therefore, the promotional space on the digital menu board is better spent by further driving the brand to the customer.

Each company is different, so the basic rule of thumb behind deciding on content for digital menu boards is to use them to promote the key business objectives or drivers for the company. This, of course, is for content that runs in addition to the daily menu offerings.  The content can also depend on non business factors, such as the weather.  If it is hot outside, offer something that will cool people off, such as cold drinks or ice cream. The advantage to operating a digital menu board network is that this type of content can be easily changed to accommodate the weather conditions, time of day or type of customer demographic.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Overall size: 1750mmX631mmx68mm

Model: SVC01

Free standing lobby KIOSK for eye level marketing. 

Restaurant Lobby Single or double sided Menu stand

  • Display daily specials
  • Banquet or wedding reception announcements
  • Wireless access for updates and changes
  • No need for printed posters or flyers
  • Slide show of daily menu specials
  • Static display of current serving menu
  • Marketing to the lobby or bar area customers
  • This technology saves time, money and labor.
  • Unlimited possibilities to market with in the restaurant and increase revenue.

Market to your own customers while waiting at the bar or lobby area. 

Available in 32",42",47",55" and 65" touch and non touch models.  Please contact us for pricing


  • HD Resolution:1920*1080
  • Contrast:1500:1
  • Brightness:500cd
  • Viewing Angle: L/R/U/D178°/178°178°/178°
  • Working Environment:-20~40?
  • Power Supply:AC 90V~264V 50/60Hz
  • Power of Unit: 250W


  • Aluminum frame
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Overall size:

Model: SVCP01

Free standing podium style lobby menu stand for eye level marketing.  Use interactive touch screen to navigate the full restaurent menu with pictures and calory information. 

Touch screen podium style free standing digital interactive poster board.  Available in 42",47",55" and 65" touch and non touch models.  Please contact us for pricing


  • HD Resolution:1920*1080
  • Contrast:1500:1
  • Brightness:500cd/?
  • Viewing Angle: L/R/U/D178°/178°178°/178°
  • Working Environment:-20?~40?
  • Power Supply:AC 90V~264V 50/60Hz
  • Power of Unit: 250W

Portable Wi-Fi LCD stand.

  • Advertise your offerings in the lobby area
  • Display your full catalogue or multiple advertisements
  • Portability within the Wi-Fi range
  • Instant updates to 1000's of displays at the same time
  • Comes in fully metal enclosed with tamper proof LCD panel

Perfect solution for:

  • Corporate events and Banquets
  • Retail in-store marketing
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Way-finding and lobby messaging
  • Advertisements
  • Restaurant menu boards
  • And more…