• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

As for sign makers becoming involved in electronic signage, it is a different ballgame than conventional print media. Sign designers are evolving from just being printers to becoming multimedia producers where the sign's creative content is conjured as much from pixels and video monitors as it is from printing ink. In this new media age, what used to be a poster display case with a backlit or front-lit poster is now a rather large LCD or plasma video screen. As sign design adapts to electronic signage, it's become a paradigm shift for sign makers.

 Digital Signage in Retail

Retail is changing at such a rapid pace and digital LCD marketing displays are playing a key role in pushing the brands and sales announcements inside the stores. As a retailer, you not only are challenged to offer the products your customers want today, but to do so profitably while providing optimal customer service and staying one step ahead of your competitors.  Digital signage in a retail environment is not a replacement of printed promotional materials, it can serve both as an additional salesperson and cost effective way to promote brands.

The retail industry is one of the key drivers of the world. Economy and there are nearly 3.9 million retail establishments of all types across USA alone.  We offer customized solutions which can help retailers increase sales not only would be in demand, but also could have a significant impact on the economy as a whole.  But while many retailers think of digital signage as an eye-catching replacement for printed promotional material, its power goes far beyond that.

Once shoppers arrive at their destinations, the digital signage displays can serve is to assist them with deciding what to purchase.  On the other hand, digital signage located throughout the retail location can serve as a silent salesperson, promoting products with audio and full-motion video.  Incorporate interactivity, and kiosk-based signage can serve as an electronic catalog, allowing customers to look up more detailed information about a particular product and in-store ordering applications. 

  • Keep Your Customers Informed: Provide relevant and timely content as soon as your customers walk in the door. With M2K Digital Signage System, your customers experience convincing and valuable communications that help you get your messages across easily and effectively.
  • Maximize Revenue with Compelling Communications
  • Communicate dynamically to help further drive sales in your store.
  • Build your unique visual brand
  • Deploy and Update Communications Easily:  Changing your in-house marketing contents instantly across the network.  With M2K web- based content management solution, you will save time and money by eliminating time consumed printed materials and instantly update multimedia marketing contents across the network and promote new releases and product information without any wait time.
  • Work with Well Integrated Hardware and Software: Enjoy a streamlined workflow with this all-in-one solution that has been created to seamlessly work together for easy and efficient sign management.

If your facility has long lines for exhibitions or events, you can reduce queue fatigue and perceived dwell times by using digital signage to push offers and retail-branded entertainment to those visitors waiting in line.  Digital Advertising and event communication as part of an ambient narrowcasting network that is managed by M2K Digital Signage Network.

Kiosk: In-Store kiosk can be used for the customers to purchase gift certificates and coupons with out the help of a store employee.  Kiosk displays high resolution images and video contents on the LCD screen with a touch screen interface, market directly to the actual buyers those who are in front of the product.   The vendors can update the content on the centralized server and the kiosks are wirelessly downloading the information to the player and display the contents.

Digital Changeable posters: Our system can display High quality changeable images with a barcode price reader.  When the customer scan the item, the screen will display full details of the product and few images and video presentation associated with the product range and helps the customer to make informed buying decisions.

Digital menu boards: If you have deli/bakery section inside your store, you can use the LCD screens to display the prices and promotion of the menu items on a daily basis.  Also shows the images and animations of the food items to promote to the customers inside the store. See digital Menu boards for more information.

Digital Signage can sustain product promotions in supermarkets. Many deployments of Retail TV Promo TV are driving on the M2K narrowcasting platform. Existing video demo units that were video/DVD driven are being replaced by mobile player platforms that are updated over the existing in-store networks. This enables a more flexible communication including interactivity and kiosk applications to support e-commerce scenario's, perform parametric signage such adapting the message to the customer in function of his gender, age or action taken. This highlights the wide variety of integration

The displays are designed to show product information to consumers with the hope of encouraging sales that would not normally occur according to consumer's traditional shopping patterns. The content can be changed or updated at any time from a remote computer containing the solution's administration software.

One Store, Multiple Zones

Maximize Sales. Create multiple zones in a single store. Channel different content to each in-store location or funnel the same content to all locations. Influence buyer decisions at the point of purchase. M2K Digital signage solution makes it easy to put the right information in front of customers at locations you choose.  You can direct what messages get to your customers and when. Store Zoning features let you target precise messaging to any location in your store or throughout your chain.

IN-STORE television would seem to be a no-brainer for big retailers. It makes their shops more attractive to consumer-goods companies because they can advertise their wares direct to a captive audience. It lets retailers run their own advertisements and promotions. It keeps shoppers informed and entertained. And after an (admittedly large) investment in the in-store network, it can be a lucrative source of advertising revenue.

Window Projection technology

Window video projector: The survey of retail marketing says, 15 - 20% business coming from window advertisement.  You are currently displaying digital printed posters to promote the sale or hand written posters to announce the discount.  Let’s look at the time and effort behind all these locations to display the window advertisement.  M2K Systems offer you the best solution to manage your window advertisements.  Windows are your free marketing space, how to use it effectively is the key.  We have a special rear projection film that can be mounted on the window glass from the inside which can display motion graphics on your window space.  This is a break through invention to retail marketing, motion graphic sells much faster than static posters.  With this technology you can run the store catalogue in addition to the sales and promotions.  We can also combine multiple windows to display larger or wider images on the window space to capture the attention.  Contact us for more information.

Use the power of brighter, sharper rear projection technology for:


Digital dynamic advertising and signage in retail and public information environments

Customer education

People love to buy things, but they don’t like being sold to. They want information, but they want to receive it in a way that feels empowering to them. To this end, digital signage is a natural way to deliver information about product differentiation, in a manner that people are accustomed to receiving.  M2K Digital signage solution can help the customer to make informed buying decisions,”

In-store promotions

Retailers have long used end-caps and in-store signage to generate excitement for special offers. In-store digital signage gives the retailer much more power and flexibility with these campaigns, driven by two key capabilities: Campaigns can be localized to a specific region within the store, and campaigns can be targeted based on time-of-day and day-of-week.

In-store advertising can:

  • Trigger recall. The human memory is far more likely to recall an item upon seeing it again. In-store advertising can serve to trigger such recall.
  • Introduce new products. Unfamiliar products may not draw people to a store, but within the store such products can attract attention through their look, feel, or smell.
  • Promote sale items. While a "one day only" newspaper ad can draw people to your store, in-store sales place those lower prices in front of your customer and encourage additional -- and even impulse -- buys.
  • Provide more information. Whether you use a plasma screen or simple signs to highlight your featured merchandise, you want to communicate the information to your customers that will convince them to make smart purchases.

Why Media 2000 Systems:

  • Web based content management solution
  • No add-on module cost, we provide all the necessary components to run your displays
  • The ability to customize your own templates and designs
  • Run PowerPoint, flash, movie files, images, in any screen zones
  • Video-in capability as standard feature (Input composite or S-video from external source)
  • Multiple RSS feeds (Latest news feeds, custom text files, etc..)
  • Emergency notification service ( Administrator can send emergency alert to each screen)
  • Customize music (s) for each play-list

System Information