• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Digital Signage solution for Stadiums and sports arenas

As sport fans settle in at their favorite stadiums and arenas, they are apt to notice lots of new signage around the facility, alerting them not only to the advertising for beer & BMWs, but also keeping them informed about other games in play around the country, and as well occasional sports trivia useful as party chatter.

Stadium and Arena Solutions:  We offer custom solution for Arenas, Stadiums, Casino’s and convention centers to show their live event coverage to the attendees and show sponsor advertisement to generate revenue.  This technology solution will allow you to get mote sponsorship ads compare to the printed poster or banner advertisement.   The sponsors can see the value of displaying their advertisement on the bright LCD screen than on a banner or poster boards.  The important aspect of Digital Signage Network is to reduce operating cost and instant changes to the contents.  This is the new generation way of advertising and marketing, visual graphics attracts attention and the LCD screens are livelier than time consuming printed posters. 

The new generation of electronic sign technologies hanging among stadium walls and halls, includes everything from large format LED screens on scoreboards and stadium facia walls to the smaller indoor LCD and plasma screens that fill out food courts, concession and ticket booth gathering places throughout the sporting venue.

The additional presence of electronic stadium and arena advertising has developed a new layered approach between the traditional signage of banners and posters and the newer 21st century look of electronic "changeable message systems" now being put in place. Two sport media companies, ANC Sports and Arena Media Network, each representing a unique approach to EDS signage talked about "covering the bases" with their variations electronic sign systems and how they serve advertisers in having opportunities to reach the fans.  Relying on a series of LCD screens positioned at key audience traffic points, AMN's screens tend to be some of the first stadium advertising fans see, even before they enter the stadium. The company offers a completely integrated service to sport facilities which includes a network of electronic signs, sales support, content creation and system management of each stadium's network.

Digital signage is now becoming a sophisticated advertising platform in its own right as media planners and advertisers provide 'fan enhancement programs,' that, in some cases, are as much of a stadium experience as the game play. For advertisers seeking new ways of reaching a young, mobile audience, it's the best game in town.

Video Wall Advertisement Solution

Video wall is designed keep the common person in mind, simple to understand and easy to implement. It is possible with M2K technology to create huge screens on a large scale for digital advertising from 4 screen to 16 screen video wall solution. The technology used also allows even small images to be displayed on large screens with high definition. They have LED backlights, which ensure their long life and durability.

The biggest advantages of a video wall is its ability to present moving digital advertisements. With video wall digital screen, it is possible to show 3D advertisements to viewers, both indoors as well as outdoors. This is a unique feature of the video wall, which no other digital mediums can provide, leave aside the traditional billboards. Video wall is a sustainable product that can be used repeatedly without producing any residual waste.


2x2 tiled video wall solution for digital advertising

The main purpose of the video wall is to draw maximum attention of the audience. Hence, they are best to be displayed in public areas like malls, sports arenas, stadiums, clubs and concerts, where they can grab the attention of the visitors and tourists. The bigger the screen, the more response you get from the customers. It is because of the interactive nature of the video wall that visitors are attracted to these digital screens and convert into prospective buyers. With video wall, you can achieve high-end promotion results. This attention-arresting tool of wall-advertising thus helps the organization build a better brand image by reaching the target audience effectively.

5 to 8 screen video wall solution

2x2 video wall is the perfect cost effective solution distribute large format marketing images and animations across the ad network.  M2KSYS offer the most affordable and reliable digital signage solution capable to manage single screen LCD poster boards to multi screen video wall solution from a centralized location.  Our all in one digital signage network can take your business into the next level of paper less operation.  

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Board system is a new revolution in the QSR market to automate multiple location's menu changes from a web based centralized interface.  Traditional menu boards are time consuming and costly to maintain, LCD menu board technology offers unlimited possibilities to present and promote your menu items to the customers.  The arenas and stadiums have multiple food concessions stands locations throughout the area.  This technology can save you time and money in big time!!

Digital Menu Boards - QSR1Digital Menu Boards - QSR2Digital Menu Boards - Salad BarsChange Bar outlook with digital Menu Bard MarketingBar Digital Menu boards for cocktails and alcoholic beveragesPowerful way to market and increase sales!Bar Marketing Displays

Portable WiFi LCD Stand:


  • Advertisements
  • Digital menu display
  • Way finding and announcements
  • in-house marketing

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Interactive KIOSK


  • Information finder
  • seating locator
  • Automated ticket purchase
  • Event details
  • Advertisements
  • Community information
  • Other local attractions
  • Show previews

Split screen Ad network

Sponsor advertisements on LCD displays while watching live event coverage or live TV. 

Digital Poster Board Solution

Digital poster solution for full screen advertisements, event announcements and in-houe marketing solutions.