• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
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Decorative Wall Enclosures

We offer custom LCD woden or Metal enclosure to protect your LCD display from vandalism.  Covering the bezel and buttons are important when displays are in the reachable heights.  This not just for protection of the display, it is also a decoration to your lobby with the traditional look.


Metal LCD Enclosures

Product Details:

This water, dust, and tamper proof LCD / Plasma Display enclosure is offered in

four sizes for 27" - 65" screens and is perfect for outdoor and harsh public or

industrial environments. This flat panel display enclosure includes a durable clear

plastic window that provides outstanding protection and a great view of your flat

panel display. The enclosure door opens easily for quick access to the display.


Each eclosure comes standard with a built-in fan and filter system for positive or

negative airflow to protect your display from water, dust, oil, etc. The Powder coated

steel or stainless steel frame ensure durability that will last for years to come.