• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
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Multi Screen Applience "S" series (Solid state)





Multi Screen Appliance - MSA Series







The MSA series Multi Screen Appliance powers multiple screens for digital signage applications. Featuring the powerful and energy-efficient Intel based processor, the MSA series includes the latest graphics technology with up to 4 to16 DVI connectors for high-quality video and optimal display experience. Combined with the industry-leading Content Manager Software. These screens can be configured into one large video wall or they can be spread out to serve separate areas. Each screen has the ability to deliver up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution on each screen.


  • Drives up to 4 to16 screens (See model above for more information)
  • Full HD content supported on each screen
  • Supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution per display, 16 times thepixel resolution of existing Full HD digital signage
  • Up to 16 different zones of content for each display wall
  • Content flexibility for image, flash and many multimedia file formats; stretched across multiple screens or played on a single screen
  • Intuitive remote management with WebDT Content Manager software;

manage up to 16 zones

All variations of display arrangement supported ?

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