• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

An Interactive kiosk is a computer terminal that provides information access via electronic methods. Interactive kiosks sometimes resemble telephone booths, but can also be used while sitting on a bench or chair. Interactive kiosks are typically placed in high foot traffic settings such as hotel lobbies or airports.

Integration of technology allows kiosks to perform a wide range of functions. For example, kiosks may enable users to enter a public utility bill account number in order to perform an online transaction, or collect cash in exchange for merchandise. Customised components such as coin hoppers, bill acceptors, card readers and thermal printers enable kiosks to meet the owner's specialised needs.

Get in-touch with your audience with the M2K KIOSK System.

What do you get when you add IR Touch to the M2K KIOSK System? The perfect tool to provide on-demand details to your audience and collect valuable information to further target your messages.

The M2K KIOSK System's display is integrated with powerful computing in one slim, mountable design, making installation and location changes efficient. With optional IR Touch added, your signage system becomes an interactive tool, optimizing your guests' experience.



Directory, catalog and product information, registry, targeted promotions


Property information, loyalty programs, event and service listings, check-in, gaming, reservations


HR services, employee communications and training, scheduling


Directory, appointments, pharmacy, service provider information


Product information, account services


Local attractions, local services, area maps, local advertising and promotions


Building and services directory, community information


Way finding, student services, Library

Dual Screen KIOSK

  • Touch screen capable
  • Customizable to your application
  • Comes with your company logo for free of charge
  • Standalone or Networked digital signage solution
  • Web based content management solution allows you to deploy any where in the world

Self service KIOSK

  • Touch screen features:
  • Touch screen size 15" 17" 19" 20" 30"32"  37" 40" 42" 46"  touch screen, SAW or infrared touch
  • touch screen: water/dust/vandal proof.
  • SAMSUNG LCD monitor:   4:3,Max resolution:1280x1024,Brightness: 260cd/m2 ,Contrast: 450:1

Outdoor Interactive KIOSK

M2K offer weather proof outdoor touch screen KIOSK for shopping malls, College campuses, tradeshow centers, Airports and drive thru restaurant menu boards and more...


Industry Usage

It is estimated that over 131,000 kiosk terminals exist in the U.S. alone.

Groups who use kiosks in their business environment include: Northwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, GTAA, Future Shop, The Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.

Self service Hotel Check in KIOSK

M2K Self service KIOSK can cut down your check in time for the customers with reservation number.  Swipe the credit card on the KIOSK and the system will pull the reservation information with the room number.  When Customer agree with the terms of the Hotel and accept credit card payment, the KIOSK will dispense the room key card and print receipt for the transaction.  Please contact us for more information.

DSK005 and DSK007

Interactive Kiosk and stad alone advertisement KIOSK.

  • Available screen sizes 32", 37", 40",42", 47"
  • Single sided or Double sided
  • Custom paint and logos
  • Wi-Fi media player for remote operation
  • Touch and non-touch options
  • Customized solution available


  • Self-serviced KIOSK solution
  • Customization available
  • Wi-Fi media player for remote operation
  • Comes with touch screen LCD display


15" - 17" Self-Service Desktop KIOSK (SSK515-517)

The SSK515-517 digital terminals integrate vivid displays with efficient computing in one slim, mountable design. The 515 and 517 feature the integration of bright 15” and 17” LCD displays, respectively, over an efficient and powerful x86 1.5GHz-powered thin client platform, with optional IR touch screen, internal wireless communication, magnetic stripe reader. The full-featured yet elegant, space-saving package accommodates a range of accessories and peripherals to support a wide variety of vertical applications.