• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents


Ultra thin bezel 4x1 LCD video wall solutions

Digital screens in shopping malls has become increasingly popular in recent years, to the point where ‘ordinary’ screen deployments have become the norm, rather than the exception, making it harder for shopping malls to differentiate themselves. To be seen as a leading edge shopping destination and attract quality traffic to satisfy their tenants and advertisers alike, shopping malls are in constant need for outstanding ways to deliver messaging and advertising in a cost effective way.

We can cost effectively deploy and manage our fast growing network of screens across multiple sites and countries. Our web-based management software, the system enables advertisers and agencies to schedule broadcast quality video, real-time messaging, pre-encoded video and animated graphics on multiple screens across an entire network.  The Content Management Software (CMS) enables accurate logging of play-out data and superior targeting and tracking tools down to date and time and individual screens for maximum accountability.

Our KIOSK and video wall solutions are Wi-Fi enabled, therefore, no special hardware or wiring necessary to implement this technology inside the shopping mall.  Mall advertisements can increase the shop’s visibility and increase overall sales.  Eye level marketing to the walk-in customers is the way to increase business opportunities within the mall. 

Shopping Mall advertisement KIOSK

Standalone poster stands or KIOSK offers shopping malls a unique and compelling way to attract customers to their premises. Additionally, this new and fresh advertising platform proves to be extremely attractive for advertisers as it provides real cut through in a busy mall environment.  The content on these free standing posters ranges from advertisements for fashion, accessories, cosmetics, cars and real estate and mall store specials and advertisements.

These Portable Digital advertisement displays are very common in major shopping malls around the country.  These displays comes with integrated Wi-Fi media players and can be placed anywhere in the mall within the Wi-Fi coverage reach.  It’s easy to move around depends upon the location and the audience.  We offer complete turnkey solution for your unique operation.  Multi-screen Kiosk can increase your profit margin by running multiple advertisements at the same time.  Other features such as: Touch screens, double sided, audio, Bluetooth interactive options are available upon request.

digital signage advertising continues to increase in popularity and it deliver timely, targeted advertising based on the location of the mall.  Traditional ways of publishing and printing ads versus digital signage, there are some cost efficiencies, in addition to all, motion graphic attracts attention!


Weatherproofed LCD KIOSK for outdoor malls

Interactive outdoor Kiosk  for outdoor malls can display the detailed information about the shopping Mall and the users can browse through the directories and find the right information from the KIOSK. The touchscreen allow the users to explore more information about the inside and outside shops with full mall directory including leasing information, management key contact, mall hours, visitors feedback/suggestions, new store opening and food court information etc…   Way finding can be easier for the new comers to locate the information from any of these KIOSKS. These units are fully enclosed with weatherproofed, IP65 standards to withstand any weather conditions and the LCD screens are designed for outdoor lighting conditions for glare free visibility.  Touch screen is an add-on option for these units and we can customize the design and color biased on your requirements.  Comes with Wi-Fi network and built-in media player for remote content management.  This can be equipped with 3G/4G network if wireless network is not an option.

Touch screen Directory and way finding KISOK

Our podium style 47” touch screen KIOSK is ideal for mall directory and way-finding.  This KIOSK specifically design for shopping malls, arena, stadiums and convention centers.  This has built-in Wi-Fi media player to update contents such as: maps, store names, specials, mall information and customer feedback to enhance the shopping experience.   The mall management can announce the mall events and location of the events during the Holidays and weekends in ahead of time to the walk-in crowd.  Messages and announcements are randomly change on a daily or weekly basis.  Printed solution cannot keep up with the changes and the production of media and installations takes time and overhead.

Wall mount enclosed Posters

This will be a perfect solution for indoor shopping centers where wall mount can be a better option.  Enclosed LCD poster screen offer classy look to the mall and tamperproof from reachable height.  Dealing with the traditional poster boxes on a weekly or monthly basis requires overhead expenses and unpredictable delays.  Our technology helps to update multiple displays at the touch of a button instantly, means saving money and time.  Mall management can save operational cost and enhance the shopping experience.

We can cost effectively deploy and manage our fast growing network of digital screens across multiple sites and countries. Our web-based management software, the system enables advertisers and agencies to schedule broadcast quality video, real-time messaging, pre-encoded video and animated graphics on multiple screens across an entire network.  The Content Management Software (CMS) enables accurate logging of play-out data and superior targeting and tracking tools down to date and time and individual screens for maximum accountability.



The big advantage of Dynamic Digital Signage over printed materials and static signs is the ability to change messages in “real time” and enable just-in-time marketing implementation. Another advantage is the unlimited advertisement possibilities at every display location, which is particularly valuable when space is at a premium. Display sites can also be networked together so that the marketing team can select target sites demographically and tailor their messages to that audience. Next generation’s marketing and promotions can be done in a more efficient manner and at a much lower operating cost compared with traditional ways.

Outdoor LED video displays for shopping malls

 Newer shopping malls are adapting LED large format displays to draw more people inside the mall.  Big is always better! Run your in-store promotions, brands and special events on the large format LED billboards and promote the tent's visibility to the outside world.  Our P10 and P12 LED billboards are visible from a distance with crystal quality video and images.  We offer three year warranty on these display module and can extended up to 5 years with full replacement warranty.  We have P8 and p6 modules  for smaller LED displays for lower height, shorter distance presentation and the overall size of LED billboard can be based on your available building space.  We are one-stop digital signage and content management company.  We can also develop contents and multimedia solutions tailored for your unique needs.  Advertising industry is going through a phase change, static outdoor graphics formats are changing in to digital and it can all be easily updated across multiple locations at the touch of a button.   Best of all, the digital posters dramatically reduces the cost associated with the manufacture and distribution of static posters. Obviously, there are up-front costs. But once you’re tied in, there’s no more printing of large-format graphics.

Networked video wall solution 


Ultra Thin Bezel 2x2 Video wall


1x6 video wall


4x1 Video wall solution for Big screen presentation


4x4 Video wall solution

Good bye to your lifeless static large format poster boards and replace with 2x2 or 1x4 thin bezel video wall solutions and transform your ad space to the next generation's billboards.  It is cost effective and eye catching presentation to the walk-in customers.  Motion graphics attracts attention!  Our unique technology solution makes this affordable to the advertisement companies and mall operators. Replace your large format posters with digital signage video wall display and rotate your mall information and tenant’s advertisements continuously throughout the day with motion graphics.

Food Court Marketing TV

Digital Signage can also provide a new revenue stream from your foot court TV screens. You can make money by selling advertising space at the food court area!  With M2K digital signage you can feature advertisement based on prime time.  Food courts are normally crowded during the lunch and dinner times and more people will be watching live news while they are in the dining area.  This will be a big opportunity for the mall restaurant tenants to market their menu items in front of a big crowd of hungry customers.  Mall can also Tylor special video footage such as music videos, sports and other interesting programs to capture the attention of the audience.


Digital menu boards for food court tenants


LCD menu board solution is the most affordable and profitable way to manage QSR menu changes and in-store marketing.  Our state of the art menu board solution can help you to increase visibility and sales with classy looking menu design and content management.  This solution will save you time and money by eliminating print production and boost your store sales from 10 to 20%. Run your promotions and price changes instantly to single or multiple locations from your Main office.  Good bye to all the static formats, use motion graphic menu boards to market and increase your profit margin.  Change your business outlook with LCD menu boards.   We use thin bezel backlit commercial grade LCD menu boards, durability is the key, we minimize the downtime by using robust hardware design to run longer hours.

How we can help you to generate ad revenue

Digital signage is a cost effective solution, in addition to the eye catching image quality and presentation.  The concept is tested and it is generating big ad revenue throughout the country.  The key is to efficiently manage the network with less overhead and make more profit margin from the advertisements.  Well trained graphic design crew is a must for the advertisement network to reduce production delays. Our experienced crew can design and manage your multimedia contents for an annual management fee based on the type of contents and change frequencies.  Our professional staff can manage the contents in a timely manner with remote monitoring and tech support.  Our staff can interact with your potential customers and edit their existing artwork to the advertisement display standard or we can create a new ad format for the customer.    Please contact us for more information about the content management option.

Advantages of Hosted solution:

  • We offer unlimited enterprise web based content management solution
  • Reduce overhead, no need for any IT professionals
  • No Content management software purchase or yearly subscription
  • No server hardware maintenance cost
  • Full access to the server from anywhere
  • Comes with remote network support