• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Clinic TV

Patients spend on average 45 to 60 minutes in the waiting room before they can proceed for their consultation. This valuable waiting time can be used to promote information about specializations, new treatment offers or the clinic in general to the patients! The content on the waiting room TV can easily be exchanged and the full attention of the patient is caught by the screen immediately. 

Anyone who has ever sat in a doctor’s office lobby or hospital emergency room knows that time slows down when one is waiting for an appointment or an update on a loved one. Surprisingly, waiting has never been so useful; patients and their families can now watch and receive public health information while they wait to be seen by a physician.

Industry experts see that sort of entertaining content as a means of soothing the patients in the lobby. Instead of leaving them alone with their fears, the digital sign acts as a sort of companion, helping them to think of more light-hearted subjects, such as the latest football scores, celebrity gossip or this morning’s headline news while displaying marketing information on the same LCD screen.

M2KSYS Waiting room Digital signage solution can be an opportunity to increase revenue by placing advertisements, in-house marketing information while entertaining patients and visitors at the waiting room.

Clinic TV is an innovation of Media 2000 Systems specifically designed for doctor’s office and health care system for displaying the promotions and important announcements to the waiting room patients or high traffic areas. We can also deliver custom Medical TV contents based on the practice instead of live TV.


  • Ease the waiting time
  • Prove advertisement content and generate revenue opportunity
  • Connect multiple offices and manage unique or same contents on all locations
  • In-house marketing and promotions
  • Employee appreciation
  • Split screens with live TV and clinic promotions at the same time
  • Live RSS news feeds and custom text messages.
  • Opportunity to generate advertisement revenue.

Digital signs can post HIPAA notices, and hours and services, feature staff members, promote healthy lifestyles, and describe and explain specific conditions or treatments. Cardiologists could explain the basics of coronary artery disease using slides and/or animations. Dermatologists could present information on skin cancer prevention.

M2K digital signs can also be used to give directions and to clearly communicate with multi-ethnic patients and their families in their own languages. Signs can also advertise community events such as cancer walks, blood drives and funding drives.

M2K digital signs are an effective way for chiropractors, physical therapists and other health and service providers to communicate with and educate clients while reducing clerical staff interruptions. You can tailor your digital sign messaging specifically to your practice. Since clients and their families generally spend time in the waiting room, they are a receptive audience to passively receive basic information without having to read brochures or other printed health information.


Clinic Window LCD Poster

Clinics can easily increase 10 to 15% of their business by promoting theirs offerings to the walk by potential customers.  We have outdoor rated sunlight readable LCD window posters to run eye catching dynamic contents to the target market walk by your office every day.  Static posters are life less and outdoor lighting condition can fade the view of the poster.  for window marketing, you need high bright, high contrast, sunlight readable display for clear daylight visibility and we have display sizes ranging from 47" to 84" to meet any size windows facing outside traffic.  Please contact us for more information.

For storefront applications, the industry typically recommends large-screen digital signage, often over 40 to 47 inches in size comparable to a human’s height, and a range of interactive features to create strong visual presence and stand out in high-traffic environments. Such storefront displays require a highly integrated digital signage player that is compatible with various large displays, provides high resolution video output, as well as multiple display outputs, and can interface with sensors, audio and cameras so a virtual storefront staff that can detect passersby and greet them with audio to capture their attention.

Communicate with your customers wherever they are, even if they’re outdoors.  With an extremely high brightness levels from  1500, 2500, 3000 and 5000 nits displays from 46” to 84” sizes, your messages will be impactful even in bright outdoor environments.

Please contact us for more information