• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
Media 2000 Systems
Develop, Design and Distribute Digital Contents

Savvy business owners and managers understand the value of digital signage. It is a powerful visual communication tool that engages audiences, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs. The quality of content presentation is an increasing priority for product promotion in fashion, jewelry, travel, automotive, luxury and sporting goods and other retail categories, and for visitor engagement in museums, galleries and sporting venues.  Content management is a key tool for end users looking to customize their Ad campaign. The advent of tools such as "proximity detection, anonymous view analytics, RSS and operating application feeds" have helped make content more relevant to viewer’s engagement. From 2017 onwards we bring the management of multiple OS devices (Windows and Android) onto a single platform so that campaigns can be more easily managed and optimized cost effectively.

Digital Signage “Software as a Service” SaaS

The Hosted Digital Signage solution is the most affordable and profitable way to manage single or multiple locations. Our hosted solution can cut down your operating cost by eliminating expansive overheads such as employees, content management software and digital signage backend network.   Our SaaS hosted network can provide all these for a  low monthly fees.  The process Is very simple, we program the media player and ship it to your location and you simply connect the device to the screen.  Your customized display contents are ready when you power on the LCD screens.   We can make unlimited changes to your display contents with experienced.  The monthly subscription covers the backend hosted network, content management software and full network support as long as you subscribed to the SaaS network.


Sophisticated content and play-list management providing total global multimedia delivery for digital signage networks.  A better question might be: Is your organization fully prepared to manage a digital signage network? Not all network developers are ready to run all of the associated services that a digital signage network requires, especially in the early stages of a rollout. A SaaS-based solution can make sense for these types of networks by saving on upfront licensing fees, reducing maintenance, management, and infrastructure costs. Because SaaS-based solutions are Web-based, a SaaS-based digital signage solution offers universal access, enabling network management from any location at anytime. SaaS also provides more flexibility to enable your network to scale up as your business grows, turning on locations as they are needed

SaaS features

  • Enterprise Content Management server with unlimited license   
  • Central control over any screen, in any location, anywhere in world
  • Compatible with all standard multimedia file types
  • Create play-lists and schedule content, simply and intuitively
  • Real-time player monitoring proof-of-play reporting
  • Dual OS support (Windows and Android)

Supported network

Optional Enhancements

  • News and weather subscriptions
  • Include live video feeds for satellite or cable receivers ( IPTV format only)
  • Custom creative service to reinforce your brand
  • Custom training sessions
  • Content design and production
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users
  • Additional media player expansion

Standard Benefits

The benefits of a hosted solution include:

  • Minimal up-front investment: You have no expensive software and maintenance costs. You get all the infrastructure and services in a flat monthly or annual fee.
  • Fast implementation: You can be up and running when you install the media player. No on-site configuration. needed
  • High quality service at low cost: You get the benefits of powerful hardware, network infrastructure, software upgrades, expert technical staff, and security solutions that many enterprises could not afford to maintain on their own
  • Zero maintenance: You don't need to worry about the cost and hassle of backup, keeping the operating systems up to date, upgrading to the latest version of CMS, applying the latest security updates to the operating systems, etc.
  • Proven, reliable, secure data network with 99% plus performance uptime
  • Flexible and scalable: Add more media players quickly and easily.  Edge servers can distribute the loads if the network is more than 50 media players
  • Extended access to outside vendors: You can make CMS available to whoever you choose without them breeching your internal network security.
  • In-house IT resources are freed up to focus on core systems: Why spend valuable resources developing and managing in-house solutions when they can be implemented immediately without even any installation effort?
  • Expert technical and consultancy services: Technical support is included to help you resolve any Media Player related problems or questions in case of any downtime or network related problems. Professional Services are available as a separate service to help you customize your network functionality, provide training on using the system plus more technical orientated services such as:

Yearly subscription includes:

  • Dedicated or shared windows enterprise 64 bit 2012 erver with our enterprise content management software
  • Shared CMS accounts will be mnaged by M2KSYS
  • Network monitoring and complete system support
  • Content management and screen layout design
  • Dedicated staff for your network

Hosted Content Management Payment policy

Hosted content management service, yearly fee varies to each customer depends upon the level of service needed for the end user to maintain the network and contents requirements.  The full agreed hosting fee is required at the beginning of the service term and no refund will be available if the customer decided to terminate the service before the one-year term.  The account is transferable to new user with the same configuration, any additional changes or graphic requirements result more overhead charges other than the previous configuration, will be billed separately.  The hosting account is renewable after one-year term and no penalty or disconnection charges if you decided to discontinue the service any time.  Customer require to notify the service disconnection one month ahead of time to stop the services from the server and we will remove all the stored files from the account folder within a month time from the notification and send email confirmation. Failure to pay the hosting service within 60 days will result in deactivation of the user account and there will be $50.00 activation fee to continue the service after full payment. 

Please contact us to get a special rate plan for your hosted solutions.