• 1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
    1x4 Video Wall for Bank and Credit union
  • 1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
    1x4 Video Wall for chain retail network
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Multi screen Ad KIOSK



DSK400 (See Details)

This kiosk is with three monitors, the one on top is a 26" LCD monitor, to play pictures or videos, the middle screen is 19" SAW  touch screen and the bottom one is 42" LCD monitor, for pictures or videos.

The 42" LCD monitor at bottom can be replaced with poster with light box if you want to control the budget.

Touch screen 19” display controlled by the PC and 26” and 42” displays managed by M2K Media players remotely.

Touch screen features:

Touch screen size 19"  .

Touch screen technology type: SAW (Surface acoustic wave) , or infrared, or resistive

SAW touch screen is water/dust/vandal proof.   

SAMSUNG LCD monitor:   4:3,Max resolution:1280x1024,Brightness: 260cd/m2 ,Contrast: 450:1 

Powerful Computer :

PC: Pentium 1.8 E2160 dual core processor ,  1GB RAM DDR2 ,160GB SATA HD, ASUS motherboard, "Pioneer" branded DVD drive, 10/100 Ethernet.

Multi-media system: amplifier; stereo Loudspeaker; sound card, integrated display card, 

Operation  system: we can install Windows XP OS, English, OEM, free of charge

M2K Media player features (DSA1000, DSA 2000, DSA3000)


Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded operating system

  • Intuitive, web–based remote content and device administration
  • Compact size for ease in installation and mounting
  • Fanless, free of moving parts
  • Optional wireless networking
  • Support for numerous media formats (e.g., images, videos, Flash, URL, RSS, PowerPoint)
  • Real–time or scheduled content playback
  • Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers
  • Automatic content download recovery
  • Live video in putts for satellite receiver or DVD player

HD contents requires DSA 3000 Media Player

Optional accessories:

  1. Bluetooth connection .  
  2. Printer:Epson 80MM thermal printer with auto cutter or HP A4 size laser printer, or dot metric printer
  3. Card reader: IC card reader/magnetic card reader/RFID card reader ,etc.   
  4. Metal key board with trackball, stainless steel, waterproof, encrypted   
  5. Cash acceptor: "Cash code"  or "MEI "branded, with RS232 interface, DC12V power, accepts multi-currency ,such as USD, EUR, and some small currencies.
  6. Coin acceptor: accepts multi-currency coins    
  7. High quality camera     
  8. Custom logo on the kiosk    

Color: we can paint your color, free of charge (Standard colors only).    

Cabinet: Steel cabinet sprayed metallic paint or plastic-spray,2.0MM steel, moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-acid, anti-dust

Packing: foam , carton, wooden case    

Dimension without wooden case: 570x240x2000MM (width-depth-height)