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2x2 video wall for inventory displays and promotional videos

In-house marketing display for the lobby areas

What's better, a high-gloss poster of a Mercedes in the Alps, or gripping video of that same Mercedes zipping through the mountains?

In the auto dealer showroom, digital media can be used to create an overall richer buying experience for customers. Digital media is designed to improve the experience so the customer feels comfortable and at ease in the environment. Today, more and more auto dealerships are looking at digital media as an effective medium to communicate their brand and create the right ambiance in their showrooms. Clearly, digital signage can be a powerful, integrated solution that adds  to the overall dealership experience. In determining your digital signage strategy, it is important to select a system that has been developed specifically for the dealership environment and can quickly and efficiently  be implemented.

42" free standing interactive poster board for auto showrooms

Print posters are at a distinct disadvantage when compared with the new technology. They don’t emit light, so they can be difficult to see in the evening. Their colors are lifeless. They’re static, so there’s no motion, and worst of all, they can become irrelevant at a moment’s notice.  Someone having to spend time putting up a new poster on the wall for a new product announcement, it can all be done digitally and be easily updated across multiple locations at the touch of a button.   Best of all, the digital posters dramatically reduces the cost associated with the manufacture and distribution of static posters. Obviously, there are up-front costs. But once you’re tied in, there’s no more printing of large-format graphics.

Reducing advertising costs and boosting ad effectiveness

Auto dealers, on average, spend approximately $628 advertising each new car in their lot, It can be surprising to learn that for an auto dealer, advertising is the third highest expense for dealers, after payroll and rent. But dealers have had to adapt to drastic changes in the newspaper, radio and television industries. They are finding that digital signs are far more cost effective per ad impression or CPM meaning, per viewer who sees the ad than any other traditional advertising medium. Many auto dealers have discovered that their Digital in-house marketing is such an effective marketing tool, they can even reduce their overall advertising budget by using the technology.

If a customer chooses to wait to be seen by a sales associate, the signage can shorten the perceived waiting time by providing entertainment content in the form of news, weather or music channels interspersed with brand messaging.

Digital media provides more than just a more welcoming, pleasant atmosphere. It also can enhance sales and customer knowledge of the inventory. Customers can use touchscreen displays to browse through a dealership’s entire catalogue. Instead of having to wait for a salesperson, a customer can take the initiative and use the signage to learn about the different models of cars available and the different pricing options. They can even learn about makes and models that aren’t on the showroom floor. Customers get to visualize what a car looks like in different models and with different features. Such capability saves the dealership valuable space by not forcing it to have every model of a car on display, giving the showroom a more open, less cluttered feel.

Parking lot free standing poster or outdoor digital bilboard

70" sunlight readable Outdoor, weather proofed LCD KIOSK to display vehicle information and vendor video promotions for the parking lot.  This LCD enclosed unit design to withsatnd all weather conditions and easy to update the contents from a web baised, centralized content management server.  You can add multiple vehicle information and informacial run continuously even the dealership is closed for business.

Marketing messages can put customers in more of a buying mindset before the salesperson arrives.  This messaging can upsell customers on different features or additional products, compare the dealership’s vehicles to competitive vehicles and allow the franchisee the power to offer targeted, local messages to the customers.  Not only can digital media help with sales, branding and customer communication, it also can help with employee training and communication. Digital media can be used to show training content to employees, and it can serve as a tool for sales associates to research and learn more about the vehicles they are selling.

The in-store environment is a proven selling environment - getting your messages to customers at the point where purchase decisions are being made.  Consumers receive dynamic and stunning previews of your offering, which can only have a positive impact on their purchase decision, and ultimately boost your sales and revenue.

Digital Menu Boards for auto dealers

Dealership Service center’s LCD menu board/poster board solution is the most affordable and profitable way to manage single or multiple location’s  service menu changes and in-store marketing.  We can help you to increase your sales with classy looking menu design and content management.  This solution can save you time and money by eliminating print production and boost your sales from 10 to 20%. Run your daily promotions, accessory/gadget videos and price changes instantly across to single or multiple locations from your Main office.  Good bye to all the static formats, use motion graphic menu/poster displays to market and increase your profit margin.  This is not an expense, it is an investment!

Waiting room TV

The screens can promote the idea of trading-in while the customer is at the service desk and again in the service waiting area.  The digital signage has proven to be a powerful new sales tool. Sitting in the waiting room for repairs or new car closing can be utilized to educate the customers about the new models, dealer promotions, service shop promotions etc  M2K digital signage media players can slice the LCD screen and keeps the regular television programs that come in over the satellite while, at the same time, promoting the dealership.  This is a cost effective way to announce customers about your service packages, let them know they can buy accessories, like running boards or floor mats, and you can even invite them to take a test drive while they're waiting.

Customers in service centers are often anxious, digital media can be used to keep customers entertained while they wait, lightening their moods. In addition, digital media relieves stress by displaying humorous or engaging content. Service center customers will likely be interested in hearing tips on topics such as safe winter driving, reducingfuel consumption and road safety etc..

for the dealerships’ aftermarket parts and accessories by providing the  consumer with what they need (like windshield wipers when it is raining)  in a way that makes sense for them. Clearly, dealerships can benefit from digital signage and the statistics are compelling. Yet there are still many  myths surrounding this industry that must be dispelled before making a

decision to implement a digital signage strategy.

Just as in the showrooms, service centers can use digital media for employee communications.  While many businesses send messages to employees via email, service centers don’t have this luxury because most employees are often working on a car and not at a computer. Digital media can be used to relay important messages to employees in a clear, efficient manner.

Consumers arriving in the service bay of the service and parts department can be greeted by digital signage with a personal greeting and  customized offers based on the model of their vehicle, the terms of  their lease, and even the weather outside. Awareness can be created